Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Weaving Day At Last!

Yesterday was my last day at work, which means that today was the first day of a lot of free time. And I spent the entire day weaving! Many thanks to Gus for helping me problem solve my way out of what was, up until today, a frustrating project. I spent my morning undoing what I had already woven, pulling the warp back through the reed and re-sleying the reed at 30 epi rather than 20 epi (I put 3 threads through each gap, where before I had only put 2 through each gap). And then I added a thick white border to add some width. I'm very happy with how it turned out. This runner is designed for a dark table, so I think the white border will really make it stand out.

Here is how I left the warp this afternoon after I finished doing some sampling, added tissue as a spacer for fringes, twined the edge, and wove a few picks of plain weave. It's all ready to begin:
And then this evening I sat down and actually started to weave:

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