Thursday, May 28, 2009

This is taking so long...

The biggest bummer for me as a weaver is that I can only really devote one day a week to weaving. And that one day is one of my two days off of work, so I tend to take things easy. This makes weaving frustrating because I work very slowly, and therefore never feel like I'm making any progress. Sometimes I find myself feeling grumpy around 4:00 because I feel like I need to stop and that I didn't get enough time.
I timed myself today and decided that, at my fastest, I can thread about 100 heddles in half an hour. This blanket that I'm working on has 825 ends, so that's over 4 hours of threading headles. Which is fine, I don't mind it, in fact I enjoy it. But I'm very particular and need to concentrate because this is the step where I most often make mistakes. Which means that I need lots of breaks, both because I get tired and because my back starts to hurt. Not to mention that I get distracted by other weekend stuff - gardening, chores, and general messing around.
Here it is, a little after 3:00, and I think I'm abandoning it for the day. And I have about 300 ends yet to go. So I'll try to find an hour and a half somewhere this week to get this done. My next day off is Sunday, and I'm hoping to be able to move on by then.

My Wednesday Evening

Was Lovely

Friday, May 22, 2009

Heddles Heddles Heddles

I finished sleying the reed! That means I get to move on to dressing all of those heddles. 
For this project I need 270 heddles on the first shaft, and only 30 on the eighth shaft. But as my loom was set up this morning I had the heddles evenly distributed across all the shafts (about 100 on each). So I had to remove each of the shafts one by one so that I could steal heddles from the back and add them to the front.
I really need to find a stool that is just the right height for working at the back of my loom. I'm always either too high up and therefore slumped over for hours, or too low to the ground and therefore working with my arms in the air for hours. 

I spent yesterday and today gardening and weaving, which is really fun but also very hard on my back. If I plan to keep both of these activities going, I think I also need to take up yoga. 

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Next Mess

I started out with these two beautiful bamboo yarns:
And I ended up with this mess: I wound this warp almost a month ago and put it away until I finished the Margaret Lucille wrap.
When I was finally ready to warp it onto my loom, I decided that I wanted it to be 30 epi (ends per inch) rather than 20 epi (In other words - I wanted it to be denser). But I also didn't want to lose the width. So I spent a really long time doing a lot of math (not my strong point). I have already sleyed the reed with the original warp and am now sleying an additional warp into it to achieve those extra 10 ends per inch. Moral of the story: I'm a crazy person.

Better Pictures

Friday, May 15, 2009

Off The Loom

These pictures are a bit washed out, I'll have to take some better ones. I have to admit that I've been wearing it to work even though it is destined to another owner. I like it when things turn out well.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Finished Margaret Lucille Wrap

See that? That is the end of the warp, which is always a lovely thing to see!
Here is what the pretty "front" of the fabric looked like while it was still on the loom. The back is solid gold with just a shadow of the stripes. Once I've completed the finishing touches, I'll put a picture of it up.
It always cracks me up to weave with toilet paper.
I'm trying to develop a habit of weaving a little sample that is separate from the main project so that I can keep a tangible example for my records. But I'm realizing that doing it at the end like this makes for more wasted warp. It would be more efficient to weave two identical projects at once and put the sample in the middle between them.

I set Gus on the task of coming up with a better name for my etsy shop. In the car yesterday I threw some weaving terms at him and he tried to come up with clever names. His favorite is "Jesus Weft." I don't think I'm going to use that. But I do kind of like "Deft Weft." I'll have to think about it for a while.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Today is my birthday. I got a circle hoe - which is an amazing tool that you should research. I really wanted to use it, but it is very rainy and muddy out. So instead I just admired my first strawberry flower:
I also decided to finish putting the buttons on these pillows:

Double Weave Blanket

This is a double weave rosepath blanket that I wove back in February of 2007.

Back then we lived in an apartment and my loom was in the kitchen. Classy!

Here you can see why it is called double weave. It was actually folded in half and I was weaving two layers at once.

Here is the finished product. When I first took it off of the loom you could see the crease where it had been folded really well. But that smoothed out over time.
And here it is being modeled by my lovely friends.