Thursday, May 28, 2009

This is taking so long...

The biggest bummer for me as a weaver is that I can only really devote one day a week to weaving. And that one day is one of my two days off of work, so I tend to take things easy. This makes weaving frustrating because I work very slowly, and therefore never feel like I'm making any progress. Sometimes I find myself feeling grumpy around 4:00 because I feel like I need to stop and that I didn't get enough time.
I timed myself today and decided that, at my fastest, I can thread about 100 heddles in half an hour. This blanket that I'm working on has 825 ends, so that's over 4 hours of threading headles. Which is fine, I don't mind it, in fact I enjoy it. But I'm very particular and need to concentrate because this is the step where I most often make mistakes. Which means that I need lots of breaks, both because I get tired and because my back starts to hurt. Not to mention that I get distracted by other weekend stuff - gardening, chores, and general messing around.
Here it is, a little after 3:00, and I think I'm abandoning it for the day. And I have about 300 ends yet to go. So I'll try to find an hour and a half somewhere this week to get this done. My next day off is Sunday, and I'm hoping to be able to move on by then.

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