Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ran Out of Warp!

I'm finally finishing up that table runner I started in December. It was a fast pattern to weave but it went slowly because I'm busy with school and I was somewhat frustrated by the project, which means I just didn't ever want to sit down at the loom.
At first I was conflicted about the colors. And then I started to notice this icky problem:
Every time the treadling pattern called for the third and fourth shaft right next to one another, that weird "scrunching" happened. I hated it! I went back to the book that I took the pattern from, checked everything, and still couldn't figure out what went wrong.
I finally ran out of energy and decided that because the third and fourth shaft don't happen in succession that often, I would just finish the darn thing and see what it looked like after wet finishing.

Now, usually with a frustrating project that has gone on to long, it is a huge relief to see this sight: the end of the warp!
But I wasn't ready for it yet! I wasn't finished with the pattern. So I wove closer to the reed than I ever have before, using every last nanometer of the warp.
I didn't realize it until I stopped weaving, but the back warp bar was pulled right up against the eigth shaft. Yikes! I rushed to loosen the tension, which was hard because that required pulling it just the tiniest bit farther forward to release the lock, and, as you can see, it could not go farther forward.
All that, and I still didn't finish the pattern! Here you can see my cheat sheet clipped to the loom castle. The post-it marks where I left off. So close!
Now I have to figure out how I'm going to hem stitch it when I can't pull it tight.
More on that to come, I'm sure.

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