Thursday, April 1, 2010

Arm Covers

In the last post I claimed that Slinky the Cat is a good cat. But that was a bold faced lie. It is true that she is indoor only and therefore cannot torment the neighbors. But there is plenty of damage to be caused inside my lovely new house. The worst of which is destruction to my brand new beautiful couch! How dare she!

The latest defensive measure I've taken is the construction of arm covers for the couch:
Over Spring Break I went to SCRAP and purchased some extremely cheap scrap fabric that matches my curtains almost perfectly (I also bought some embroidery thread for 10 cents a skein - SCRAP is awesome!). I then asked the internet to teach me how to make arm covers for furniture - and this guy helped me out.
The picture above is of my second try - the first was okay, but far from perfect. So I tore it apart and reassembled it this morning.

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