Sunday, July 25, 2010


It is a busy Summer again this year. I've started a full-time paid internship, I'm doing 10 credits of summer school, and we had a lovely visit from my mother-in-law (we made pies). The whole time I've been weaving away at this same old project bit by bit.

I finished one 60-inch-long scarf several weeks ago. I struggled with the loom weaving that first one. I think my epi was just too dense, so the friction of threads against threads caused more than the desired number of shafts to lift every time. So after that first scarf, I cut it off the warp and re-sleyed the reed. The first scarf was 30 epi (ends per inch) at about 10 inches wide and the second is 20 epi at about 15 inches wide. It's going much smoother now and I should be finished very soon.

I've also decided that when weaving satin, I should do it upside down, so that the solid-colored side is facing me and the stripes are facing the floor. Right now I am lifting all but one shaft each throw, whereas if I did it the other way around I would only lift one shaft each throw. That would make it lighter, quicker, and more apparent when accidental floats appeared. Right now I have to crane my neck and peer around the back every once in a while to check for mistakes. And I always find them! Darn it!

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