Sunday, January 2, 2011

Whale Project

The place mats are finished and in the hands of a new owner. Leaving my loom free for a new project that I started over the holidays. It might be hard to tell, but it's a whale. I asked my husband to draw a whale a while back with the intention to embroider it. I spent a long time deciding what kind of fabric I wanted to embroider it on, and finally decided- I'll just weave something. And of course, I then made it more complicated by deciding to use inlay to fill in the body of the whale as I weave. I plan to embroider an outline and the details once it is off the loom.
Unfortunately, my camera has decided to stop working lately. Every picture I take turns out blurry and half the time it gets stuck in video mode even though the switch is turned to photo mode. Obviously I need a new one, but it might take me a while to make that happen.

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