Friday, May 13, 2011

New Weaving Space

Now that my weaving room/office has become the nursery, we had to find a new space for my weaving stuff. Thus the weaving corner was created:With a little rearranging, and some relocating of furniture, we carved out a corner of our upstairs TV room for my loom, yarn, and other craft tools.
We also "built" a new desk out of a filing cabinet, an old shelf, and a piece of plywood. And it is big enough to double as a sewing space (if I clear it off a little bit).
It isn't as bright and cheerful as the lovely room downstairs was, but I am adapting to it very well. And I'm hoping to dress that loom very soon! I have a project in mind, but with three weeks left in the school year and 8 weeks until baby, I'm not too ambitious.

You can see pictures of my old weaving room in this old post. Check out the color of those walls! We really toned it down for the nursery.

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  1. Cute. Did you find room for everything? Tell Slinky I say "Meh" disinterestedly.