Sunday, November 20, 2011


What is a prettier sight to a weaver than a loom with a fresh warp? I know that I think the loom itself is most visually appealing to me at this moment, before I start to throw the weft. There is just so much potential at this moment. This is a very simple warp, I will be weaving some new rugs on it soon. The simplicity really highlights the beauty of the loom itself.

In college my weaving professor told me that she knew weavers who would leave their loom in this state for days before sitting down to weave. Winding a warp is enough of an achievement on its own to warrant a little appreciation before leaping into the “actual” weaving.

This isn’t to say that warping the loom is my favorite step in the process. I can’t wait to sit down and start adding weft. But that might have to wait until tomorrow.

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