Monday, July 6, 2009

Extra Warp

Here is what I did with the extra warp, after I'd finished the napkins and run out of yellow.
And this is my super high-tech "temple." It's a paper clip tied to a weight that is hanging off the front beam. It's been helping me get better with my selvedges. It's weird, I think it is helping a lot on the right side, but it is making my left sides worse. Hmm.
And look how close to the heddles this new warping method allowed me to get. Goodbye wasted warp!
In conclusion, here is a picture of my friend Cailin driving my Dad's tractor. I have pictures in which she is making far better faces, but I thought she might be disappointed in me if I put them on the internet.


  1. hahahaha...I <3 sister. ALSO, your new haircut looks FABULOUS.

  2. I did that with my loom. Best Idea I'd had that day.

    I'd used warp yarn that was unravelling and fraying because the spacing was forcing the outer warp strands (they were the same as the rest of the warp so I'm not sure if they count as selfidges) out and the just wore thin. There was breaking and a lot of tying strand bact together with more yarn. I was about sick of it and cut that bit off, changed the width on the reed which (back to point) meant the pair of scarves were going to be very short.

    So moving it forward gives me a consistant fringe and helped a lot.