Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pie and Warp

Today has been a grey Sunday. A perfect day for sleeping in, baking pie, and finally winding that warp! Abby - if you don't want to see pictures of your runner, do not scroll down. In fact, don't read this blog for a while.
Check out that beautiful pie!
This warp took me forever! It is the most compliected warp I have ever attempted. It is for a rep weave table runner that I hope will turn out as nice as it is in my head. It looks like a mess on the warping board, but it *should* sort itself out into nice clean blocks on the loom.
Wish me luck with the rep weave, this is my first attempt.


  1. I miss you. Come fly to the east and bake me a pie.

  2. You are making me hungry!