Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A very little progress

I have three days off this week! But I am not spending them weaving, because I get to share them with my love who has the whole week off.

I have accomplished some things, including starting to thread the heddles for my napkins:

I'm attempting to do this with the loom folded, which brings the warp closer the the heddles. But I wouldn't be able to do this if I were using all 8 shafts because the warp is actually touching the 8th shaft. I'm also not entirely sure what will happen when I unfold the loom. But this project is all about experiments.

In other news, the green huck lace baby blanket has now been washed and is currently drying. Pictures to come.

Yesterday was a lovely day. We visited my parents down in Oregon Wine Country and discovered an excellent yarn store in the tiny town of Carlton, OR: Woodland Woolworks. I knew that it existed but getting to visit in person was very exciting. There are so few physical stores that carry actual looms and cones of yarn. At least that I have come across in the past couple of years in Portland. I was unprepared for my visit, so I only bought a couple cones of 5/2 perle cotton. I will be going back soon.

Now I'm off for a day on the town with Gus.

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  1. It should work nicely for you.... just make sure that you have sufficient warp pulled through to the front. When you open the loom, it might pull everything back and out of your heddles!

    Enjoy the time together!