Saturday, June 20, 2009

Warping in Slow Motion

Through the reed and onto that front beam. I have officially completed warping-on with a never-before-used method. And while I'm sure it seemed like super slow motion to those of you watching from home, I actually think it went faster than usual. 
In the past I have always used a somewhat elastic cord to tie the warp onto the front beam (a picture of which can be seen in this previous post). This time, I did not. 
I am currently letting it sit for a while to see if the tension will even out between all these knots, as I have been led to believe that it will. I only went back and re-tied a few. But I can't keep that up, or I'll be re-tying all day in an attempt at perfectly even tension. I figure that this will work out, because this is how I used to tie onto my back beam, and I've never really had tension problems there. 
Now I can finally start weaving. And I'm just heading into my weekend. How nice will it be to wake up to this warp, all ready to go?

1 comment:

  1. You might want to get the warping demo disc that Louet North America has put out. It shows how to warp back to front and how to handle the endless re-tie the knots issue. It's worth getting and even if your loom is not a Louet, you can modify the technique to suit your loom and get beautifully tensioned warps.

    No, I don't work for them .... I'm just a happy weaver who shed some bad habits, thanks to the disc.